Residential Keys

Keys for Houses and Apartments

Do you need copies of keys for your friends? Family? Dog walker? Baby sitter? We can make house, apartment or building keys. We can make copies that unlock deadbolts, door knobs, lever sets, wine cabinets and safe deposit boxes. We can rekey when someone moves out, or when you move in. It doesn’t matter what level security your keyring provides, we can help you solve your duplication dilemma. If you have a key and need a copy or even if you have lost them all, we can still provide you with additional copies.

Get keys of every type for every use

If it has a keyhole and you have a key, we can make a copy. What if you have the keyhole, but no keys? We can generate a key for you from scratch. We can provide operation for almost any lock that exists. You can remove the lock and bring it to our store in downtown Walnut Creek or we can come to you and solve problems at your home or apartment building.


Implement a master key system

A master key system (MKS) can help you keep your apartment buildings secure and organized at the same time. A properly designed (MKS) enables property management to have one master to operate all locks while also having individual keys for individual doors.  There are many ways to design a, (MKS) and we have the experience to build exactly what you need.