Residential Deadbolts

Deadbolt for Extra Security

Deadbolts are the front line of defense for every home entry door. A deadbolt provides far more security than standard latching mechanisms because they deadlock into place preventing “credit card” or “butter knife” attacks. Deadbolts are superior to latches because they extend deeper into the door frame, are typically made of more robust materials, and shaped in a manner to prevent common wrench attacks.

We sell, install, repair, and modify all types of deadbolts. We can upgrade your existing deadbolt to a higher level of “bump” or “pick” resistance or we can replace your hardware to a high security deadbolt to thwart even the most determined criminal. Any respected police officer is going to recommend a deadbolt on all entry doors to your home and we suggest the same.

Get increased security with high security deadbolts

We can help you with standard pin tumbler deadbolts, or increased security deadbolts containing bump resistant spool pins, or high security deadbolts with biaxial cut or finger pins to thwart even the most determined criminal.

Install a quality deadbolt on home entry doors and help yourself sleep better at night. Not sure where to start? Call us at 925-935-5071, stop by our store in Walnut Creek. We will help you select the best deadbolt for your situation.