Commercial Rekeying

Rekey Locks for Office, Retail or Industrial Building

Rekey locks to prevent anyone’s old keys from operating the locks and build the cylinders in such a manner that only the newly distributed keys will operate the locks. You can remove your locks, bring them to our store, and we will change the insides of your locks to prevent old keys from working and supply you with a new unique key that will. If you don’t want to remove your own hardware, we can come to you. We will remove your hardware, rekey, and re-install.

Why do locks on commercial doors need to be rekeyed?

  • If you replaced a lock and want an existing key to operate the new lock.
  • If you just had a tenant move out and are preparing for a new tenant to move in.
  • If you have employee turnover that did not return a key.
  • If you want more control and organization of your keys, you can implement a master key system.
  • If your key has been compromised due to theft or loss.

Having your locks rekeyed is the most effective and secure way for the end user to be certain and confident they are in control of the keys.

Improve security with bump resistant locks

While rekeying, it is an excellent time to upgrade your cylinders to a higher level of pick and bump resistance by adding pick resistant spool pins. You can even replace your cylinders to a higher level of pick resistance, ability to withstand force attacks, and key control to prevent unwanted key duplication.

Call us at 925-935-5071 and we can discuss options for rekeying your locks and making your building more secure.  Use the button below to get a quote for rekeying your locks, installing pick and bump resistant locks, a lock repair or just getting some additional keys.