Automotive Emergencies

Emergency Car Openings

Emergency car locksmiths understand. Automotive emergencies happen. Don’t be too hard on yourself, they happen to everyone eventually. They have happened to me many times. Change your routine for just a moment and the next thing you know your cars keys are not in your pocket where they belong, they are in the ignition of your locked and running automobile. Call us and we will get you into your car so you can put your car keys back in your pocket where they belong.

Replace All Your Car Keys

What if you have lost ALL your car keys? That is another emergency that we can help you with. Provide us with the make, year, and model of your car, its location (proof that the car is yours) and we will build you operating keys.

Emergencies happen. Don’t fret, we will help.

Schedule an emergency appointment with one of our emergency car locksmiths who will be happy to rescue you at 925-935-5071 and we will do our very best to get you immediate access.